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 XSPARTIAN's GM Application

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PostSubject: XSPARTIAN's GM Application   Sun Feb 13, 2011 4:22 pm

Name : Daniel Stempniewicz

Age : 14

Time Zone : -6 GMT

Email :


Why you want to be a GM : I want to be a GM for a few reasons. First of all, it would be a great experience to help others and prevent people from hacking NomNomStory. Second of all, I've seen a couple of hackers going around NomNomStory without any GM's being alerted, and it takes a couple of minutes before I see in chat that it says they were banned. Lastly, I've started to become very active in the server again, and I love helping players with their problems since I know quite a bit about NomNomStory.

What you will do as a GM : As a GM, I would do many things. Helping players with glitches would be one; I would also immediately go to anyone who reports a player that is hacking. Another thing that I admit I would do is sometimes socialize with other GMs, but I wouldn't hang out in just one place, because I would still be looking out for people who do bad things, such as constantly using bad language, spamming, or anything else that upsets others.

How you can help the server as a GM : I can help Idyllicstory by watching out for hackers and responding immediately to someones call for help, whether its a report for someone hacking, or just a question about an issue they have in the game. Secondly, many people like doing events, so I would make sure to keep everyone happy by hosting events whenever I'm told that we need to, or if the server seems inactive.

How long you have played NomNomStory : I do not remember the exact number of days I have been playing, but I started playing Idyllicstory-which turned into NomNomStory- since May 20, 2010. I played with a lot of other people before the server had a wipeout, so I have a lot of experience, and it would be great if I can use my knowledge of the server layout, npc's, and other subjects toward helping others.

How long you play NomNomStory per day : I play NomNomStory around 1.5-5 hours everyday, but now that more things have come up in my life, I don't play every day, although I always try to. Because either the server crashes, something important comes up, or an unexpected issue or event comes up, I may not be able to play for as long as I usually do. Also, I don't always play exactly 1.5-5 hours all the time, sometimes I skip playing a day or two.

How long you have played GMS : I have been playing Idyllic/NomNomstory for more than a couple months now, but before I found out about this server, I was playing normal GMS. I played that game for a long time. I don't remember when I started, nor how long I played, but I've been playing GMS for over 5 years.

What makes you stand out : I stand out in a lot of ways. First of all, my character looks either like a boy or a girl to a lot of people, and Gabe always thought it was a girl T.T. Now that the Owner changed the wz edits, I can't choose my old hair, but I still think I look cool. I also stand out among other people, or I used to before the wipeout, because I had many friends, and they all knew me well. I had close to 570 rebirths, with 4 Sparkling rings, and I sometimes helped train others. My friends were usually nearby, so I talked to them and had fun with other players. At the beginning of the game, when you come out to Henesys, I helped 2-4 people with training, and gave them items to boost their stats, so they would have it easier when training. I took them to good training grounds for them to remember where they can always go to for leveling up.

What commands you will mainly use as a gm : I don't know many commands as a GameMaster, but some of the commands that I would use would probably be: mute, jail, cheaters, ban, shop, notice, warp, and event. I don't know the exact commands in game, but I would use those that are listed =).

Experience as a GM : I have had no experience being a GM in NomNomStory, but my brother made a private server and made me a GM twice. I know that you can clone yourself, ban others, view maps and where people are, and control many other things. I don't think being a GM on another game counts, but I was a GM in Garry's Mod 4 times in different servers.

Will you quit this server if your application is denied? : I wont quit this game because of disappointment, because playing this server with friends, talking to people, and smashing monsters to bits is what makes playing this server really fun!

I hope you recommend me as a GM! Very Happy
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XSPARTIAN's GM Application
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